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A decentralized gaming platform, first applied to Brazil Soccer Lottery

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About Everball

Everball is a blockchain-based lottery platform. Everball’s first application is Glasgow Global Group (GGG)’s Brazil bonded soccer lottery. Following the implementation of Blockchain to GGG’s Brazil lottery system, Everball will expand to other countries and other lottery and gaming types.
GGG manages and markets the soccer-based gaming operations in Brazil by selling “scratch and win” gaming tickets. GGG’s Brazil operation started in 2013 and has sold millions of lottery tickets. GGG is the only licensed operator and has signed an exclusive contract with the soccer federations and 26 teams. The lottery and prizes are insured by the national bonded insurance company APLUB.

The Everball Blockchain Solution

The Everball Ecosystem

Token Sale

Everball uses the STO + ICO hybrid token system. We issue the everball security token (EVB ST) through the security token offering (STO) and the everball utility token (EVB) through the initial coin offering (ICO)

Security Token (EVB ST) Utility Token (EVB)
Total Amount Minted 400,000,000 Tokens 600,000,000 Tokens
Amount Issued (exp.) 240,000,000 Tokens 243,000,000 Tokens
Soft Cap $3,000,000 USD $3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap $20,000,000 USD $10,000,000 USD
Key Feature Share 15% of net lottery profits generated by GGG Purchase soccer lottery & lottery as mining
One free EVB utility token for every 5 EVB security tokens purchased

Token prices in each fundraising round are as follows:

Seed Round

Sept 2018


Pay via ETC, BTC, Bank Transfer, Credit Card
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STO Private Sale

Jan - Apr 2019

Security Token Private Sale

First $1 mil

0.02 USD

Next $2 mil

0.04 USD

Next $2 mil

0.08 USD

Next $4 mil

0.10 USD

Next $6 mil

0.12 USD

Utility Token Private Sale

First $1 mil

0.02 USD

Next $2 mil

0.04 USD

Next $2 mil

0.08 USD

Next $2 mil

0.10 USD

Pay via ETC, BTC, Bank Transfer, Credit Card
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STO Public Sale

Apr - Jun 2019

STO Public Sale

0.20 USD

$5 mil total

ICO Public Sale

0.15 USD

$5 mil total

Pay via ETC, BTC, Bank Transfer, Credit Card
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Distribution of Tokens

Long-term (EVB ST + EVB)

Untility Token (EVB) mining

Team & Advisor

Utility token (EVB) issued

Security token (EVB ST) issued

Use of Funds

Blockchain & IT


Business Development



Jul 2018

Core team ready

Official team established and key partnership formed.

Aug 2018

Project Kickstart

Sep - Dec 2018

Complete Initial Funding

Initial funding was received

Jan - Apr 2019

Security Token & Utility Token Pre-sale

Feb - Aug 2019

Public Sale & Operation

Public sale of both EVB and EVB ST
Develop full-scale blockchain solution
Expand Brazil soccer lottery operations

Aug - Sept 2019

Exchange Listing

Dec 2019

Business Expansion

Have additional 18 teams onboard
Allow global players to participate in Brazil soccer lottery
Expand to global markets & other lotteries and games


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which we have not answered, please get in touch using the contact form below.

About Everball

About ICO

How It Works

What is the EverBall Foundation?

The EverBall Foundation is the entity responsible for protecting and growing the EVB economy and ecosystem. The EverBall Foundation will guard a portion of EVBs generated with the goal of growing the ecosystem. These EVBs are protected under smart contract and cannot be sold or released into the market without approval from multiple parties.
These reserve EVBs will be used for future growing of the EVB economy by seeding economies on new platforms, should they be required.

What is the EVB and what can I do with it?

The EVB is a decentralised utility token serving as the currency in the EverBall online soccer gaming platform. The EVB’ goal is to become the universal gaming token and premier currency of the gaming industry. It can be used to buy ticket and enter challenges, as reward points, and can be traded for fiat and other cryptocurrencies via partnered exchanges.

When will the EVB launch?

We are expecting to launch across multiple exchanges in January 2019, after completion of the Token Sale.

When is the EVB going to be on an exchange?

The EVB has come to a listing agreement with Cryptopid, paradex, ehterdelta and FCoin, and is close to finalising deals with a number of other exchanges. These will be announced at the conclusion of the Token Sale.

Our Team

Marcelo F. O.

Executive Chairman

Stephen Uppal


Peter Barbas


David Trew

Non-Executive Director

Chad Smith


Baldip Moore


Mr. Harry Wang


Dr. Chen Liu


Strategic Partners


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